North Norwegian Coast Radio Stations soon back on HF

Dear Sparks,

in the last days I have read some posts on the Facebook account “Maritime Radio Group” about a possible re-opening of traffic on HF bands by the Far North Norwegian Coast Radio Stations but…nothing more.

Few minutes ago I had a phone call with the “Norwegian Mapping Authority – KARTVERKET”, they confirmed me the News, they said me radio equipments are on the sites and they are working to be soon on the air, I have asked if they could pass me some frequencies but they said me they are not still available and asked me to call back on late November.

I pray everybody in Norway to stay tuned around these news updating about developments.

I asked to the operator the motifs about this choose, he said me that they received many requests from oceanic trawlers and ships working at so high latitudes  where it is not easy the use of satellites.